Counsellors, therapists and others in a range of professions encourage the friends and families of problem drinkers to attend Al-Anon meetings, where clients and patients can find understanding and support that complements and reinforces professional treatment.

To assist professionals, Al-Anon Family Groups offers a variety of resources.

Some meetings welcome professionals that are interested in observing a meeting. 

There’s nothing like firsthand knowledge.

Please use the advanced search criteria in the link below to find a meeting that welcomes professionals and observers

North American Meeting Listing

Here are links to printable PDF documents aimed for the specific occupation. We encourage you to use these for any people you feel may benefit from them.

Al-Anon Fact Sheet for Professional
School Guidance Counselor
Spiritual Leaders
Human Resources Professional

Our World Service Office has a more comprehensive section you may be interested in viewing. You can check it out at:

Alberta / N.W.T. Public Outreach

If you are interested in getting more information about Al-Anon for your organization or having Al-Anon participate in your event please contact our Public Outreach Coordinator via email.