Edmonton Al-Anon Information Services (AIS) Info

Contact Edmonton Chairperson for further information or you have suggestions to what should be added to this page: edmontonchairperson@al-anon.ab.ca

Alateen Information

Telephone Answering Service Resources

Edmonton and Area Meeting List – Printable Word Document

Edmonton AIS Public Outreach

  • Edmonton AIS Public Outreach – Powerpoint slides – Please contact edmontonpublicoutreach@al-anon.ab.ca for file (too large to attach here)
  • Edmonton AIS Public Outreach – Powerpoint notes Sept 25 speaker notes

Edmonton AIS Meeting Agendas

Edmonton AIS Meeting Minutes

Edmonton AIS Financial Reports

Edmonton AIS  Officers/Coordinators – Contact Info

  • Chairperson – edmontonchairperson@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Secretary – edmontonsecretary@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Treasurer – edmontontreasurer@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Public Outreach – edmontonpublicoutreach@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Henwood/Institutions – edmontonconnects@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Meeting List/Contact List – edmontonmeetinglist@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Telephone Answering Service (TAS) – edmontontelephone@al-anon.ab.ca
  • Archivist (vacant)  – edmontonarchivist@al-anon.ab.ca

Edmonton and Area Districts – Contact Info

  • district16@al-anon.ab.ca 
  • district17@al-anon.ab.ca 
  • district18@al-anon.ab.ca
  • district19@al-anon.ab.ca
  • district20@al-anon.ab.ca

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