Calgary Al-Anon Information Services (AIS)


A guide to Calgary AIS can be found here.

Calgary AIS monitors calls in the Calgary region from people looking for information about Al-Anon, more information can be found found here

Please contact: if you have any website  questions.

Save the Date announcement for the Alberta/NWT Area 80 Convention 2023 can be found here.

AIS Newsletter in downloadable PDF format.

    1.  February 2023 – Click here to download
    2. November 2022 – Click here to download
    3. September 2022 – Click here to download
    4. June 2022 – Click here to download   
    5. April 2022 – Click here to download              
    6. February 2022 – Click here to download

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Calgary AIS meeting Agenda and Minutes in downloadable PDF format.
The next Calgary AIS meeting will be held via Zoom on November 7th, 2022 at 7:00pm. 
Calgary AIS Minutes:
February 6th, DRAFT – Click here to download
November 7th, DRAFT – Click here to download
September 12th, – Click here to download
June 6th, 2022  – Click here to download
April 4th, 2022 – Click here to download
Calgary AIS Orientation, Job Descriptions and Contacts
  1. Orientation to Calgary AIS.
  2. Calgary AIS Job Position Descriptions (PD) and WorkPlan (WP)
    1. Chair – PD Download only
    2. Alternate chair – PD Download only
    3. Secretary – PD Download only
    4. Treasurer – PD Download only
    5. Newsletter Editor PD Download & WP Download
    6. Monitoring coordinator PD Download & WP Download
    7. Alateen coordinator – PD Download only
    8. Information Services – PD Download only
    9. Public Outreach – PD PD Download only
    10.  AA Banff Roundup Liaison – PD PD Download only
    11.  AA Gratitude Round-Up Liaison – PD PD Download only
    12. Website Coordinator PD PD Download only
  3. Calgary AIS Contacts
Alternate Chairperson
Secretary / Group Records / Archives
Newsletter Editor
Alateen Coordinator
Monitoring Coordinator
Public Outreach Coordinator
Calgary Website Coordinator